History of Newmarket Racing Stables

Since 1605 the Suffolk town of Newmarket has been recognised as the Headquarters of horse racing, the first seed being sown on Wednesday 27th February 1605 when James I visited Newmarket and realised that the wide open expanses made it the perfect place to stage sporting events, although it was to be 17 years later before the earliest record of a match on Newmarket Heath took place on Friday 8th March 1622. Charles II, the Merry Monarch, founded the Newmarket Town Plate in 1665, going on to win it twice himself, firstly on 14th October 1671 and later in the spring of 1675. King’s Plates were staged regularly each August and October in the early 18th century, with special mention given to the years 1716 to 1718. The earliest race recorded in Baily’s Racing Register was on 1st April 1716 when Mr Pelham’s chestnut mare Brocklesby Betty defeated the Duke of Devonshire’s mare to claim 100 Guineas. The Jockey Club was founded in 1750, organising the first Jockey Club Stakes, restricted to Jockey Club members, on Wednesday 1st April 1752.

Trace the history of the most famous racing stables in Newmarket, from the time they were first built, to the present day masters of their trade producing Classic winning thoroughbreds year on year, to ensure that thoroughbred breeding lines continue to put the town at the heart of British racing. I am grateful to Bill O'Gorman for the significant help which he has provided throughout this research project.

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Abington Place Albert House Athnid Stables Balaton Lodge/Zetland Lodge Beaufort Cottage
Bedford House Bedford Lodge Beverley House Bloomsbury Lodge Cadland
Calder Park Carlburg Carriageway Cavendish Cedar Lodge
Charlcomb Lodge Charnwood Chestnut Tree Clarehaven Cleveland House
Coronation Stables Diomed Egerton House Eve Lodge Exeter House/Foley House
Fitzroy House Flint Cottage Frankland Lodge Freemason Lodge Gainsborough
Godolphin (Stanley House) Graham Lodge Grange House Green Ridge Hackness Villa
Hamilton Stables Hamilton Hill Stables Harraton Court Heath House Heyward Place
Holland House Hurworth/Meynell House Induna Jamesfield Kentford House
Kremlin House La Grange Lemberg Linden Lodge Machell Place
Marlborough House Moulton Paddocks Osborne House Park Lodge Palace House
Pegasus (Falmouth Lodge) Phantom House Pond House Prestige Place Primrose Cottage
Queen Alexandra Rathmoy Red House Revida Place Sackville House
Saffron Saville House Sefton Lodge Seven Springs Severals
Shadowfax Shalfleet Soham House Somerville Lodge Southgate Barn
Southgate Stables St Gatien Stockbridge House Terrace House Trillium Place
Warren Place Waterwitch House Woodland Stable/Green Lodge Wroughton House Yellowstone Park

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