Goodwood Stakes

The Goodwood Stakes (Handicap) is the second oldest race still staged at the Glorious Goodwood Festival having first been run in 1823 in its current format. However, some might claim that it is the oldest race, since a Goodwood Stakes over 2 miles was staged at the 1811 meeting, a year before the inaugural running of the present day Goodwood Cup, while others would assert that a Goodwood Silver Cup was first held in 1808. It is a handicap for 3-year-olds and above over 2miles 5 furlongs, although it has fluctuated between 2 miles 5 furlongs and 2 miles throughout its history, and is currently contested over 2 miles 4 furlongs and 134 yards, making it a wonderful spectacle for the crowd, as it starts in front of the stands and is the longest presently run at the Festival.
Early history:-The inaugural running of the Goodwood Stakes was on Tuesday 12th August 1823 when the Duke of Richmond's Dandizette defeated Lord Egremont's Young Gohanna colt, although on the same card the Old Goodwood Club Stakes saw Lord Egremont’s Elfrid beat Mr C Day's Victorine.

Goodwood Stakes 1858 Handicap 2 miles 4 furlongs
Pos. Horse Jockey Age/weight Owner
1 THE ROMAN CANDLE Bray 4-7st 0lbs Lord Clifden Evens fav
2 FULBECK George Fordham 6-7st 2lbs Major Bringhurst 10/1
3 MATLAS Custance 3-5st 7lbs Mr J Hawkins 1000/15
4 ROSATI Perry 5-6st 0lbs Mr Greville 100/1
5 SPECIAL LICENCE Chillman 4-8st 3lbs Mr J Merry 100/1
6 FRIGHT Sherwood 4-8st 2lbs Mr Simpson 20/1
7 ST CLARE French aged-7st 0lbs Mr Robinson 30/1
8 LIFEBOAT Challoner 3-6st 9lbs Mr Shelley 7/1
9 THE ZOUAVE Grimmer 3-6st 9lb Count Frederick de Lagrange 100/1
10 PENSIONER Pritchard 3-6st 8lbs Mr Mills 12/1
11 ETOILE DU NORD Plumb 3-6st 6lbs Count Frederick de Lagrange 100/1
12 SCRIBBLER Long 3-6st 6lbs Baron Rothschild 100/1
13 ORCHEHILL Bullock 3-6st 4lbs Captain Christie 20/1
14 SOUTH WESTERN A Edwards 4-6st 3lbs Mr E R Clark 100/1
15 NIGHT RANGER Grimshaw 3-5st 10lbs Mr Hunt 100/1
16 ESPERANCE Mitchell 3-4st 7lbs Mr Hodgman 100/1
This race took place on Wednesday 28th July 1858 and was a subscription race of 25 sovereigns each. There were 93 subscribers and it was valued at 300 guineas (equivalent to £36,000 in 2021) Over round 101%