This was run on Wednesday 25th May 1966 and the winner was bred by the Someries Stud and trained by Gordon Smyth. There were 25 runners and the winning time was 2 mins 37.63 secs. The winner won by a nech with 5 lengths back to the third. The winner won a first prize of £74,489 10s, (The equivalent of £1,329,200 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 4 minute 32 second clip of the Derby.


Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1 CHARLOTTOWN A. (Scobie) Breasley G Smyth Lady Zia Wernher
2 PRETENDRE Paul Cook Jack Jarvis Mr J A C Lilley
3 BLACK PRINCE II Jimmy Lindley J Watts Mr E B Benjamin
4 SODIUM Frankie Durr George Todd Mr R J Sietra
Also CRISP & EVEN G.Bougoure Arthur Budgett Mr J S M Pearson-Gregory
Also AMBERICOS Joe Mercer M V O'Brien Mr A Ford
Also RIGHT NOBLE Lester Piggott M V O'Brien Mr C W Engelhard
Also ST PUCKLE Bill Rickaby Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery
Also ONE FOR YOU Geoff Lewis Ingham Mr Dobson
Also KHALEKAN D Lake P J Prendergast Mr E R More O'Ferrall
Also HERMES Greville Starkey Oxley Mr R D Hollingsworth
Also SPLICE THE MAINBRACE Ron Hutchinson Corbett Mrs T Hartman
Also RADBROOK Bill Williamson J Rogers Lady Sassoon
Also BORODINO Stan Clayton D Whelan Mr R Brown
Also ALLENHEADS Edward Hide W Elsey Lord Alexander
Also BERMONDSEY Russ Maddock C Nelson Mrs H Bambers
Also NOUS ESPERONS Eric Eldin J Watts Colonel A C R Wade
Also DREAM MAN Brian Taylor E Reavey Mrs A Johnson
Also BAYLANX P Sullivan H Murless (Ire) Mr W G Reynolds
Also DREVNO Bruce Raymond F Maxwell Mrs F Maxwell
Also MEHARI Doug Smith J Winter Mr D Prenn
Also PERMIT George Cadwaladr Eric Cousins Mr E Cousins
Also RAKET Duncan Keith Walter Nightingall Mr Wilfred Harvey
Also GREY MOSS L Ward M V O'Brien Mr C W Engelhard
Also NORTHERN UNION J Roe J Oxx Brigadier C M Stewart
9/2 Pretendre      
9/2 Right Noble      
5/1 Charlottown      
8/1 Grey Moss      
100/8 Hermes      
13/1 Sodium      
18/1 Ambericos      
20/1 Black Prince      
20/1 Khalekan      
33/1 Mehari      
33/1 Northern Union      
40/1 St Puckle      
50/1 Allenhead      
50/1 Radbrook      
50/1 Raket      

Crisp & Even

66/1 Splice the Mainbrace      
66/1 Bermondsey      
100/1 Baylanx      
100/1 Borodino      
100/1 Dream Man      
100/1 Drevno      
100/1 Nous Esperons      
100/1 One For You      
100/1 Permit      
Over Round 121%