This was run on Wednesday 2nd June 1965 and the winner was bred by M.Jean Ternynck and trained by Etienne Pollet. There were 22 runners and the winning time was 2 mins 38.41 secs. The winner won by 2 lengths with a further 1 1/2 lengths back to the third. The winner claimed a first prize of £65,301, (The equivalent of £1,202,000 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 6 minute 9 second clip of the Derby.


Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1 SEA BIRD II T. (Pat) Glennon E Pollet M Jean Ternynck
2 MEADOW COURT Lester Piggott P J Prendergast Mr G M Bell
3 I SAY Roger Poincelet Walter Nightingall Mr Louis Freedman
4 NIKSAR W Rickaby Walter Nightingall Mr W Harvey
Also CONVAMORE Edward Hide Ron Smyth Mr E R More-O'Ferrall
Also CAMBRIDGE Scobie Breasley Bruce Hobbs Mr David Robinson
Also GULF PEARL Jimmy Lindley Jeremy Tree Mr J H Whitney
Also SUNACELLI Brian Connorton W Gray Mr W T Stoker
Also VLEUTEN J Deforge G Watson Baron Thierry de Zuyken
Also BALLYMARAIS W Pyers W Gray Mr W T Stoker
Also BUCENTAUR S Smith Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery
Also BILLIONAIRE G Bougoure H Ryan Price Dr B N Palmer
Also BAM ROYAL P Matthews P J Prendergast Mrs J F C Bryce
Also LOOK SHARP J Roe Bernard Van Cutsem Lord Derby
Also KING LOG Ron Hutchinson George Todd Mrs W H D Riley-Smith
Also SOLSTICE Bill Williamson J F Watts Mr C W Engelhard
Also ALCALDE Doug Smith Bernard Van Cutsem Lord Derby
Also SILLY SEASON Geoff Lewis Ian Balding Mr Paul Mellon
Also AS BEFORE Greville Starkey Wharton Major L B Holliday
Also FOOTHILL Joe Mercer W R Hern Mr T E S Estrion
Also CREOSOTE P Robinson Jack Jarvis Lord Rosebery
Also SOVEREIGN EDITION Russ Maddock Ron Mason Mr J H Kartz
7/4 Sea Bird II      
10/1 Meadow Court      
100/8 Gulf Pearl      
100/8 Niksar      
20/1 Foothill      
25/1 Alcalde      
25/1 Ballymaris      
25/1 Cambridge      
25/1 Look Sharp      
25/1 Vleuten      
28/1 I Say      
33/1 As Before      
40/1 Convamore      
40/1 Solstice      
50/1 Bucentaur      
50/1 King Log      
50/1 Silly Season      
66/1 Bam Royal      
66/1 Billionaire      
66/1 Creosote      
66/1 Sovereign Edition      
66/1 Sunacelli      
Over Round 110%