This was run on Wednesday 2nd June 1954 and the winner was bred by Mr Robert Sterling Clark and trained by Joe Lawson at Newmarket. There were 22 runners from an initial entry of 400. The winner won by 2 lengths with a neck between second and third. The winners time was 2 mins 35.8 secs.. The winner won a first prize of £16,959 10s, (The equivalent of £441,400 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


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The British Pathe website and bank of film clips provide excellent coverage of the Epsom Derby. The link below is a 4 minute 6 second clip of the Derby.


Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 NEVER SAY DIE Lester Piggott Mr Robert Sterling Clark
2 ARABIAN NIGHT Tommy Gosling Mr J.E.Ferguson
3 DARIUS E. (Manny) Mercer Sir Percy Loraine
4 ELOPEMENT Charlie Smirke Sir Victor Sassoon
Also NARRATOR F.Barlow Major L.B.Holliday
Also BLUE PRINCE II W.Carr Mr W.M.Jefford
Also ROWSTON MANOR D.Smith Mr F.W.Dennis
Also LANDAU W.Snaith H.M.Queen Elizabeth II
Also L'AVENGRO E.Smith Mr H.J.Joel
Also BLUE SAIL J.Longden Mr G.M.Bell
Also FERRIOL W.Johnstone Comte de Chambure
Also MOONLIGHT EXPRESS J.Mercer Mr A.L.Hawkins
Also BLUE ROD F.Durr Mr D. de Rougement
Also KINGSLOE W.Anderson Mrs L.W.Smith
Also COURT SPLENDOUR W.Nevett Mr T.Lilley
Also ALPENHORN M.Beary Mr C.W.Bell
Also HYLAS F.Payne Mrs I.Gilmore
Also DARK CORSAIR J.Marshall Mr J.M.Abbot
Also VALERULLAH K.Gethin Mr J.McGrath
Also RUWENZORI E.Britt Captain A.M.Keith
Also ROKIMOS J.Egan Mr G.A.Tachmindji
Also CLOONROUGHAN W.Rickaby Mr J.McGrath

Tote (10p unit) Win £3.85p Places 96p £1.17p 37p

5/1 Rowston Manor
5/1 Ferriol
7/1 Darius
9/1 Elopement
100/9 Valerullah
100/7 Landau
100/6 Blue Sail
25/1 L'Avengro
28/1 Court Splendour
33/1 Blue Rod
33/1 Blue Prince II
33/1 Never Say Die
33/1 Arabian Night
40/1 Alpenhorn
50/1 Cloonroughan
50/1 Moonlight Express
66/1 Ruwenzori
66/1 Narrator
100/1 Rokimos
100/1 Dark Corsair
100/1 Hylas
100/1 Kingsloe
  Over-Round 109%
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