This was run on Wednesday 23rd May 1860 and the winner was bred by Mr B Plummer and trained by Mathew Dawson at Russley. There were 30 runners from an initial entry of 224. The winner won by 1 1/2 lengths in 2 mins 55 secs, with 4 lengths between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £6,350, (The equivalent of £734,000 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 THORMANBY Harry Custance Mr James Merry
2 THE WIZARD T.French Mr Nichols
3 HORROR Chaloner Captain Christie
4 DANGU J.Quinton Count Lagrange
5 RESTES Charlton Baron Rothschild
6 BUCCANEER J.Goater Lord Portsmouth
7 UMPIRE L.Snowden Mr Ten Broeck
Also MAINSTONE S.Rogers Lord Palmerston
Also CRAMOND Robertson Mr L'Anson
Also THE DRONE George Fordham Mr Tate
Also NATBOURNE D.Hughes Mr Wyatt
Also SUTTON J.Osborne Mr H.Harland
Also BENTINCK A.Edwards Lord Stamford
Also LEPROCHAUN Covey Lord Strathmore
Also SIR WILLIAM Bullock Mr T.Dawson
Also CAPE FLYAWAY Clement Lord Derby
Also THE RAP W.Boyce Mr Howard
Also WALLACE E.Sharp Mr Gibbs
Also THE TIGER J.Snowden Mr Heslop
Also MAN AT ARMS Perry Captain Little
Also TOM BOWLINE Aldcroft Lord Glasgow
Also LANCHESTER Marchant Lord Zetland
Also VESTA Hibberd Sir C.Monck
Also NORTHERN LIGHT J.Sharp Mr Merry
Also LOITERER Wells Sir J.Hawley
Also LARGESSE Payter Sir J.Hawley
Also WINTON Norman Mr Crawford
Also THE RISING SUN J.Mann Mr Copperthwaite
Also EBONY D.Plum Mr Gratwicke


Withington Mr Jacques

The rare silver-mounted hoof below is shown courtesy of David Copland and belonged to the 1860 Epsom Derby winner Thormanby.

3/1 The Wizard
4/1 Thormanby
6/1 Umpire
7/1 Nutbourne
100/6 Buccaneer
25/1 Horror
25/1 High Treason
30/1 Restes
40/1 The Drone
40/1 Mainstone
40/1 Cramond
50/1 Wallace
50/1 Tom Bowline
1000/15 Lanchester
1000/15 Sutton
100/1 Loiterer
200/1 Dangu
300/1 Ebony
300/1 The Rising Sun
300/1 Largesse
300/1 Winton
300/1 Northern Light
300/1 Vesta
300/1 Man at Arms
300/1 The Tiger
300/1 The Rap
300/1 Cape Flyaway
300/1 Sir William
300/1 Leprochaun
300/1 Bentinck
  Over-Round 109%