This was run on Wednesday 28th May 1856 and the winner was bred by Admiral Octavius Harcourt, trained by Tom Dawson at Tupgill, Middleham and ridden by Tom Aldcroft. There were 23 runners from an initial entry of 211. The winner won by a length in 3 mins 4 secs, with 1/2 a length between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £5,875, (The equivalent of £601,500 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Trainer Owner
1 ELLINGTON Tom Aldcroft Tom Dawson Admiral Octavius Harcourt
2 YELLOW JACK Wells   Mr Howard
3 CANNOBIE R.Sherwood   Lord J.Scott
4 FAZZOLETTO Nat Flatman   Lord Derby
Also CORONER J.Goater   Mr Howard
Also BAY HILTON Ashmall   Mr Moseley
Also FLY-BY-NIGHT Bartholomew   Mr Bowes
Also WANDERING WILLIE Templeman   Lord J.Scott
Also LEAMINGTON Kendall   Mr Halford
Also ALEPPO J.Marson   Mr Hart
Also WENTWORTH A.Day   Mr Fitzwilliam
Also BIRD IN HAND J.Osborne   Mr W.Cookson
Also FORBIDDEN FRUIT E.Harrison   Mr Murland
Also VANDERMULIN Charlton   Mr E.R.Clark
Also PUCK J.Quinton   Mr F.S.Swindell
Also MR VERDANT GREEN J.Mann   Mr Hobson
Also ARTILLERY Basham   Mr Morris
Also ASTROLOGUS G.Mann   Lord Anglesey
Also ROGERTHORPE S.Rogers   Mr H.Hill
Also PRETTY BOY J.Forster   Mr Barber
Also DRAMATIST G.Whitehouse   Lord Wilton
Also COTSWOLD R.Sly   Mr Night


T.Sherwood   Mr Gratwicke
5/2 Fazzoletto
7/2 Wentworth
6/1 Cannobie
7/1 Artillery
12/1 Fly-by-Night
12/1 Vandermulin
15/1 Yellow Jack
20/1 Bird in Hand
20/1 Ellington
25/1 Puck
40/1 Bay Hilton
40/1 Leamington
40/1 Rogerthorpe
40/1 Coroner
50/1 Astrologus
100/1 The Prince
100/1 Cotswold
100/1 Dramatist
100/1 Pretty Boy
100/1 Mr Verdant Green
100/1 Forbidden Fruit
100/1 Aleppo
100/1 Wandering Willie
  Over-Round 132%