This was run on Wednesday 31st May 1854 and the winner was bred by Mr W Etwall and trained by John Day at Danebury. There were 27 runners from an initial entry of 217. The winner won by a length in 2 mins 52 secs, with 1/2 a length between second and third. The winner won a first prize of £6,100, (The equivalent of £642,900 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 ANDOVER Alfred Day Mr John Gully
2 KING TOM Charlton Baron Rothschild
3 THE HERMIT Wells Mr J.Gully
4 THE EARLY BIRD Aldcroft Mr Copperthwaite
5 DERVISH Templeman Lord Derby
6 MARSYAS Bumby Mr Knowles
7 NEW WARRIOR Nat Flatman Mr Shepherdson
Also AUTOCRAT G.Manning Mr R.E.Cooper
Also WOODCOTE G.Whitehouse Mr R.E.Cooper
Also HOSPODAR G.Oates Lord Zetland
Also WELHAM S.Rogers Lord Lonsdale
Also THE FIRST LORD R.Sly Mr Cookson
Also MARC ANTHONY Maton Mr Powney
Also MIDDLESEX Simpson Baron Rothschild
Also CANUTE Pearl Mr C.Spence
Also WINKFIELD W.Abdale Mr S.Walker
Also PUNCHBOX F.Marson Mr E.R.Clark
Also GREY PLOVER Osborne Sir T.Burke
Also NEVILLE Bartholomew Mr Clarkson
Also BRACKEN J.Holmes Mr Newland
Also PAPAGENO Yates Mr Gregory
Also KNIGHT OF ST GEORGE Basham Mr Morris
Also ALEMBIC J.Marson Lord Clifden
Also RODO-MELI G.Mann Lord Clifden
Also COUP D'ETAT R.Pettit Sir R.Pigot
Also WILD HUNTSMAN C.Marlow Mr Merry


Dockeray Mr George Osbaldeston
5/2 Dervish
7/2 Andover
8/1 King Tom
10/1 Wild Huntsman
12/1 Neville
14/1 The Hermit
14/1 Hospodar
20/1 Marsyas
20/1 The Early Bird
25/1 New Warrior
40/1 Knight of St George
50/1 Alembic
50/1 Canute
1000/15 Bracken
100/1 Champagne
100/1 Woodcote
100/1 Welham
100/1 Middlesex
100/1 Grey Plover
100/1 Papageno
200/1 Rodo-Meli
200/1 Coup d'Etat
200/1 Punchbox
200/1 Winkfield
200/1 Marc Anthony
200/1 The First Lord
200/1 Autocrat
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