This was run on Wednesday 29th May 1850 and the winner was bred by Mr Robert Stephenson and trained by R.Hill. There were 24 runners from an initial entry of 205. The winner won by a length in 2 mins 50 secs, with 1/2 a length between second and third. The first prize was £4,975, (The equivalent of £636,700 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator).


The second horse claimed 100 Sovereigns from the stake, whilst the winner had to pay 100 Sovereigns towards policing costs and a further 50 Sovereigns to the judge.


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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 VOLTIGEUR Job Marson 2nd Earl of Zetland
2 PITSFORD A.Day Mr H.Hill
3 CLINCHER F.Butler Lord Airlie
4 THE NIGGER Nat Flatman Mr Gratwicke
Also PENANG R.Sly Mr Ford
Also BOLINGBROKE J.Robinson Mr W.Edward
Also MILDEW Bartholomew Mr Jacques
Also ROYAL HART Simpson Mr Hussey
Also DEICOON J.Sharp Mr Gannon
Also ST FABIAN R.Pettit Mr Gurney
Also CARIBOO S.Rogers Mr Greville
Also CHARLEY Abrahams Mr Davidson
Also THE ITALIAN Templeman Mr Meiklam
Also NUTSHELL Norman Lord Exeter
Also THE KNIGHT OF GWYNNE Dockeray Mr T.Stevens
Also VALENTINE Crouch Count Batthyany
Also GHILLIE CALLUM S.Mann Duke of Richmond
Also BRENNUS J.Prince Mr Merry
Also MAVORS C.Marlow Lord Eglinton
Also THE SWEDE W.Abdale Major Martyn
Also CAPTAIN GRANT Wynne Mr Disney
Also ALONZO Whitehouse Mr Moseley
Also COLT BY SIR HERCULES R.Sherwood Sir G.Heathcote


H.Edwards Mr Lawson
4/1 Clincher
9/2 Mildew
5/1 Bolingbroke
6/1 The Nigger
12/1 Pitsford
16/1 Voltigeur
20/1 Deicoon
33/1 Nutshell
40/1 The Italian
40/1 Ghillie Callum
50/1 Cariboo
50/1 The Swede
1000/15 Captain Grant
1000/15 Brennus
1000/15 The Knight of Gwynne
1000/15 Royal Hart
100/1 Augean
100/1 Colt by Sir Hercules
100/1 Alonzo
100/1 Mavors
100/1 Valentine
100/1 Charley
100/1 St Fabian
100/1 Penang
  Over-Round 113%
Shown below is an incredibly rare racecard from the 1850 Derby.