This was run on Wednesday 26th May 1841 and 29 ran from an initial entry of 154. The winner won by 3 lengths to claim a first prize of £4,275, (The equivalent of £421,700 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator). The winner was bred by Mr Abraham Rawlinson and trained by Mr Painter.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CORONATION Patrick Conolly Mr Abraham Rawlinson
2 VAN AMBURGH J.Holmes Lord Westminster
Also MUSTAPHA MULEY Marlow Mr Copeland
Also E.O. Pettit Mr Thornhill
Also ARUNDEL S.Mann Lord Orford
Also RALPH S.Day Lord Albemarle
Also GALAOR R.Hesseltine Mr Vansittart
Also BELGRADE W.Wakefield Mr Goodman
Also JOACHIM E.Edwards Lord Jersey
Also KNIGHTSBRIDGE F.Buckle Mr Dixon
Also SIR HANS W.Boyce Duke of Rutland
Also CAMELEON N.Stagg Colonel Peel
Also PALOEMON Nat Flatman Mr Greville
Also ERINGO Hornsby Mr Thornhill
Also THE NOB Bartley Mr Combe
Also PROTECTION S.Rogers Mr Sadler
Also CESAREWITCH S.Darling Lord Exeter
Also FINCHLEY W.Cotton Mr Wimbush
Also COLT BY COELEBS G.Calloway Captain Ridge
Also HEREFORD Whitehouse Mr Griffith
Also POTENTIA R.Sly Mr Batson
Also GILBERT M.Jones Mr Buckley
Also PORTSOKEN A.Perren Mr Negus
Also ERMENGARDIS S.Templeman Colonel Crawford
Also MARSHAL SOULT W.Scott Lord Westminster
Also MONSIEUR LE SAGE W.Day Colonel Wyndham
Also MONGOLIAN J.Chapple Sir G.Heathcote
Also ST CROSS W.Macdonald Captain Williamson


J.Robinson Mr Rush

The painting of Coronation shown below is by J R Mackrell, after F C Turner, and is in the public domain because the artist died more than 100 years ago.

5/2 Coronation
5/1 Ralph
7/1 Marshall Soult
11/1 Belgrade
11/1 Galaor
12/1 Van Amburgh
18/1 Knightsbridge
25/1 Joachim
30/1 Ermengardis
30/1 Sir Hans
33/1 Potentia
50/1 E.O.
100/1 St Cross
100/1 Mongolian
100/1 Plenipotentiary Colt
100/1 Monsieur Le Sage
100/1 Portsoken
100/1 Gilbert
100/1 Coelebs Colt
100/1 Hereford
100/1 Cesarewitch
100/1 Finchley
100/1 Protection
100/1 The Nob
100/1 Eringo
100/1 Paloemon
100/1 Cameleon
100/1 Arundel
100/1 Mustapha Muley
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