This was run on Thursday 3rd June 1824 and there were 16 runners from an initial entry of 58. The winner won by easily to claim the first prize of £1,968 15s, (The equivalent of £205,400 in today's terms based on Bank of England inflation calculator). The winner was bred by Sir John Shelley and trained by James Edwards.



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Pos. Horse Jockey Owner
1 CEDRIC Jem Robinson Sir John Shelley
2 OSMOND Tom Nicholson Sir W.Milner
Also SIR GRAY H Arthur** Mr Tomes
Also M'ADAM T Robinson** Mr Rush
Also DRAGOMAN William Arnull** Lord G.H.Cavendish
Also DON CARLOS T Goodisson** Mr Greville
Also SKIFF Frank Buckle** 4th Duke of Grafton
Also LYRNESSA Sam Chifney junior** General Grosvenor
Also GRENADIER W Wheatley** Mr Udney
Also COLT BY PHANTOM W Arnold** Lord Egremont
Also CYNDUS F Boyce** Lord Stradbroke
Also SWALLOW John Day** Mr Forth
Also REFORMER Forth** Mr Thornhill
Also ELEPHANT S Barnard** Mr Houldsworth
Also COLT BY ANTICIPATION T Howard** Mr Dundas


F Killbrook** Mr Batson
5/2 Reformer    
9/2 Cedric    
5/1 Elephant    
9/1 Serab    
16/1 Ormond    
17/1 Swallow    
20/1 Colt by Phantom    
33/1 Sir Gray    
**NOTE that only the jockeys of the first two were recorded in the Racing Calendar. However, each of the other jockeys have been listed as 'best guesses' given that they regularly rode for the owner that season and rode the Derby horse in their previous races.